Chatswood Business Potential

Does your business have potential to thrive in Chatswood CBD’s Night Time Economy? As the cultural hub of Northern Sydney, Chatswood boasts a dynamic Night Time Economy (NTE), highly accessible via public transport, known for its safety, and replete with a wide range of businesses and services operational from 6pm to midnight. This bustling activity significantly enhances the economic vitality of the Willoughby area.

In 2023, Chatswood’s NTE saw expenditures totaling $368.1 million, with $157.7 million spent on dining and entertainment alone.

Business Landscape in Chatswood CBD

The area hosts 364 food and dining establishments, with 97 (27%) holding licenses. Each evening, more than 150 businesses remain open until 9pm, with over 70 continuing operations until midnight. Food and dining venues constitute three-quarters of these businesses, and entertainment venues, such as cinemas, theaters, and gaming centers, make up about 5%.

Foot Traffic and Safety in the CBD

Parking and public transport usage data indicate that Thursday is the busiest night, followed by Friday and Saturday. Typically, from 6pm to 9pm, the CBD attracts upwards of 25,000 people, with about 7,500 staying past 9pm until midnight. Chatswood is recognized as one of the safest night-time suburbs in NSW, maintaining low crime rates and minimal incidents.

Community Advantages of a Vibrant Night Time Economy

The thriving NTE in Chatswood CBD offers numerous benefits: increased business activity, enhanced social and cultural experiences for both residents and visitors, more employment opportunities, and greater accessibility to after-hours services.

Are there untapped opportunities for your business in this vibrant and safe environment?

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Cafes (4)
Car Parts (1)
Curtains (1)
Day Spas (2)
Dentist (21)
Exporters (1)
Fast Food (1)
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Gardeners (1)
Homewares (1)
Libraries (2)
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